Uterine FibroidsThe real truth about Fibroids is that it is not cause by single factor. There are so many internal and external factors that causes internal imbalance and create environment for Fibroids to grow. There are many factors and co-factors that help fibroids to develop. Additionally, life situations, external and mental factors creates internal imbalance in which fibroids manifest.

However there are five primary factors that cause Fibroids to grow. These are:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Poor Diet
  • Weak Immune System
  • Buildup of Toxics in the digestive tract
  • Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Most cases of Fibroids caused by these five primary causes. Having hormone imbalance, antibiotic medications, lack of sleep and steroids contribute in the formation of fibroids as well.

Take a look on these five causes in little detail to find more about them.

Genetic Predisposition:

Many doctors and scientist discovered that the genetic pattern of women without fibroids is bit different than women with fibroids. In few studies it is found that the genes of women with fibroids make them predisposed to abnormal metabolism and dysfunction of cell activity. Doctors and scientists believe that genes contain code that puts women at risk of obtaining fibroids.

However claims that your genes can’t be alter is nothing but a myth. By obtaining good lifestyle habits and foods you can surely alter them and avoid diseases. Genes are just set of rules and guidelines that describe how you will look however with proper steps you can change them. From the movement of your birth till the last breath your body goes though lots of different chemical environments that can surely affects your genetic predisposition.

By controlling your eating habits and with good changes in your life you can surely influence your genetic predisposition and help your body to overcome diseases and infections.

Poor Diet:

Uterine FibroidsYour current health is because of the foods you eat in past. Undoubtedly our modern society is covered with lots of processed and unnatural food and that is reason obesity rate is increasing day by day. By eating processed and unnatural food you are not providing sufficient vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep working efficiently.

If your diet is high in carbs, sugar and low in natural fruits and vegetables then no one can stops you from obtaining fibroids. Refined cards and sugary foods not only increases blood glucose level but they also disturbs chemical balance in your body which open doors for new health diseases.

Lacks of nutrition in the body is another reason for Fibroids. Your body needs around 40 minerals and vitamins to keep working properly and keep cells healthy. If you are consuming processed foods or foods that are lower in nutrition value then its means you are providing less nutrition to your body and your digestive system will decline them and become ineffective. With weak immune system fibroids and its related symptoms will grow easily.

Over-acidity is another reason because diet which is usually high in acidic foods creates chemical imbalance in the body and prepares ideal situation for fibroids to grow.

Weak Immune System:

Immune SystemEven if you are on healthy diet then still it doesn’t mean you are safe from fibroids until you have strong immune system. Immune system protects body from different sickness and illness. If immune system gets weak and can’t able to control toxics elimination process then body will become vulnerable to every kind of sickness and illness. Nutrition deficiency, stress, lack of sleep and toxic buildup all are reason for weak immune system. It is important to always keep your immune system strong because immune system can fight against infections and viruses in your body and also protect your body from any disease.

Autoimmune disease is another reason for weak immune system. In this condition immune system starts considering cells and tissues of body as ‘harmful’ and starts destroying them. Other than autoimmune disease, your immune system is also influence by the food you are eating and with the hormone balance in your body.

In the research on 108 women with fibroids it is discover that around 40.8% women had immune disease and 30% women had insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance:

Insulin Resistance

In the same research above, there are around 30% women that are also insulin resistant. Insulin resistance increases risk of acne, difficult in losing weight, high blood pressure and high sugar level.

In the insulin resistance, your body cells become less responsive to insulin which disturbs the insulin-based process such as (regulating the liver’s production of blood sugar and fat). To counter this imbalance in the body, pancreas gland starts producing high level of insulin which in turn causes an abnormal situation called ‘hyperinsulinemia’. This situation leads to vicious cycle in which cells become even more insulin resistant.

After sometime pancreas gland become exhausted because of producing higher amounts of insulin and it sharply decreases the production of insulin causing level of blood sugar to go out of control.

Insulin resistance creates hormone imbalance which results in higher production of testosterone and other male hormones while reducing sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) that increases the risk of fibroids and its related symptoms.

Although there is genetic disposition of insulin resistance while improper diet, bad lifestyle habits, lacks of sleep, stress and lack of physical activity all leads to worsen fibroids symptoms and disturbs body’s natural combating ability to fight against uterine fibroids.

Buildup of Toxics in Digestive Tract:

The processed foods we eat and even the air we breathe increases toxics buildup in our body especially in our liver and kidney. This leads to short-term or long-term diseases and among them Uterine Fibroids is one of them.

It really doesn’t matter how many drugs you take to get relief from the pain of fibroids you can remove fibroids fully from your body until and unless you create proper toxics elimination process in your body. Taking drug to remove fibroids without proper toxics elimination process is like creating house without solid foundation.

Liver is very important organ of our body as it performs very crucial process such as maintaining blood sugar in the body and removing access amount of insulin in the body. Additionally, liver also plays crucial role in removing toxics from the body. A healthy liver is necessary for keeping the uterine fibroids symptoms under control and preventing fibroids from growing.


In the end I would like to say these are five primary reasons for uterine fibroids. It is very important to have proper detoxification diet that will clear all toxics buildup in your body and create proper environment for immune system to fight against fibroids.

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